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Artificial Philodendron Tree Short Stems 95cm Indoor Plant

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A super realistic artificial philodendron tree with a short stem and 8 extendable leaves and high attention to detail throughout.

The pot is made out of a durable plastic and is weighted with concrete to give the plant more stability. A black textured surface can be seen in the pot to add extra realism to the design. 

All the leaves are fully adjustable with wires running inside the plastic to allow for these to be shaped to suit your space. Detailing on the leaves can be seen in the thin veins that run through them. 

This plant is suited for indoor or limited outdoor use. If used outdoors we recommend this plant is placed in a sheltered area and protected from extreme conditions such as strong winds or frost as persistent exposure could lead to their foliage being damaged.

Any artificial plants used outdoors should be in an area with sufficient ventilation to allow them to dry out. The width and depth are approximate depending on how much the leaves are spread out.

Measurements: W100cm x D100cm x H95cm.

The base diameter is 13.5cm. The pot width is 14.5cm. The largest leaf is 35x30cm.